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The master of the Finnish jazz accordion - Seppo Hovi proves how well the "unofficial" Finnish national instrument blends to the rhythms of swing music. Guesting on the cd on five tracks is band's trusted regular vocalist Johanna Iivanainen.

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Antti Sarpila pays tribute to the king of swing and his chamber jazz combos. There are five previously unreleased tracks and a compilation of the best tracks by Antti Sarpila in the Goodman vein. Apart from Antti's band, there are some tracks featuring vibraphone player Lars Erstrand doing his rendition of Lionel Hampton and pianist Ulf Johansson Werre with his Teddy Wilsonish touch.

ASCD-25 10,00€


One more cd-single bringing us the Swinging Christmas swung by the Antti Sarpila Swing Band and this time sung by Eino Grön.

ASCD-24 5,00€


The grand old man of the Finnish tango - Eino Grön and the master of the Finnish swing music - Antti Sarpila have joined forces and recorded a bunch of evergreens some sung in English and some in Finnish. Antti Sarpila Swing Band provides the solid background and Eino Grön's velvet voice brings back memories of the immortal performances by Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby and Nat "King" Cole.

ASCD-23 10,00€


This CD was recorded when the world famous Australian trumpet player Bob Barnard was visiting Finland. The music is by the great pianist, singer and entertainer Thomas "Fats" Waller.

ASCD-22 10,00€


This is the first live jazz concert dvd-video in Finland.
Bonus video "Mr. Swing" - a portrait of Antti Sarpila.

ASDVD-201 10,00€


Antti Sarpila Swing Band featuring the Swinging Christmas Choir. Second cd-single of Christmas music in the roe. A new element on this cd is the Swinging Christmas Choir formed from children.

ASCD-21 5,00€


A selection of compositions by Antti Sarpila recorded with different line-ups. All the tunes are dedicated to the great masters of jazz drawing a musical portrait of each individual artist.

ASCD-20 10,00€


Six swinging arrangements of traditional Christmas carols. (CD-single)

ASCD-18 5,00€


Young and talented Johanna singing old classics from the "Great American Song Book" with Antti's band.

ASCD-17 10,00€



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